Travel Discount Cards

For you who travel frequently by ferry to and from Gotland, we have three travel discount cards with different benefits that give you reduced prices on ferry tickets.

Travel Card

The Travel Card is a prepaid card with four different price levels giving 10-40 % in bonus. If you travel with your family for more than 6 300 SEK in one year, it is worth buying the Travel Card. 

Commuter Card 

If you buy the Commuter Card, you will be entitled to unlimited travel on the ferry on any seating alternative for 12 months. You also get 10 % off in the shop and restaurant onboard. 

Discount Card

With the Discount Card, the price for the ferry ticket is 25 % lower than the regular price for an adult and passenger vehicles. On average, the Discount Card pays off at 7 return trips, depending on the travel pattern. 


Please contact our customer service if you are unsure of which card is best for you.

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