Welcome Onboard

On board our ships there is always the opportunity to eat and drink something tasty. In our shops you will also find various kiosk items and an exciting selection of Gotland specialities.

Food and drinks

The ship's restaurant serves well-prepared food for all tastes and budgets. Everything from delicious fish dishes, fresh vegetarian food to rich meat dishes and guests' own favorites. To the hot dishes is always included salad and of course we offer soda water.

The menu has been composed with inspiration from around the world. The raw materials are carefully selected and the meat comes only from farms from Sweden and Gotland.


The menu is changed monthly during normal season and the kitchen stays open until 10 pm every day. We are fully licensed.


Film in the Front Lounge

If you have a seat in the Front Lounge, you can watch the film shown on the monitors there. You’ll need earphones (which can be bought onboard). In consideration of the children in the lounge, the film is always approved for ages 7 and up.

If you want to watch television during the journey, choose a seat in a day cabin. Available channels are SVT1, SVT2, TV4 and the Swedish Children’s Channel. Each day cabin has four seats, a TV, toilet and electrical outlet.

Playroom and children's cinema

For the little ones, we have a playroom and a children's cinema.

The onboard shop

In the onboard shop you will find a varied selection of sweets, drinks, newspapers and other kiosk items, as well as an exciting selection of Gothic delicacies, souvenirs, accessories, etc.