Travel to and from the Gotland ferry

The transfer bus is the convenient way to get to and from the ferry terminal for those who choose to travel without a car.

The transfer bus takes you directly to and from 15 destinations

At Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn, the transfer bus stops in direct connection to the ferry, which makes it convenient to travel further towards Gotland – or on your way home.

Routes to and from Nynäshamn

Stockholm C – Nynäshamn Uppsala – Arlanda – Stockholm – Nynäshamn Västerås – Enköping – Strängnäs – Södertälje – Nynäshamn

Routes to and from Oskarshamn

Linköping – Norrköping – Västervik – Oskarshamn Jönköping – Nässjö – Vetlanda – Oskarshamn Växjö – Lessebo – Kalmar – Oskarshamn

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Tickets for the transfer bus

You can easily buy a ticket for the transfer bus when booking the ferry. The departure times of the transfer bus are adapted to the ferry's arrival and departure in Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn.

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Add a transfer bus ticket

If you have already booked your ferry crossing and want to add a bus ticket to your booking, you can find information about the various stopping points and see current prices: Go to my pages.

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The transfer bus will take you directly to the ferry to Gotland - there is no need for any other means of transport.


How tickets work

You can use the ticket in either direction on the route you choose. Tickets are valid for at least 3 months from the date of purchase.

Children 0-12 travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Group tickets are only valid for passengers traveling together. This means that you need to travel together on the same connection.

  • The buses depart from and stop at a central location in each town
  • Free WIFI on board
  • Travel in either direction

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Public transport to and from Nynäshamn

Are you planning to travel to and from Nynäshamn by public transport? Please note that SL timetables cover a wide geographical area, which may mean that they are not coordinated specifically with Gotland ferry departure and arrival times.

To make your trip as smooth as possible, we recommend that you plan to arrive in Nynäshamn at least one hour before your ferry departure. This will give you plenty of time to arrive at the Gotland ferry terminal, even if there are unexpected traffic disruptions along the way.

Please note that the Gotland ferry's departure times are fixed and do not allow for any delays in train services.

Public transport Nynäshamn – Stockholm and Stockholm – Nynäshamn

The local train station in Nynäshamn is a short walk from the ferry terminal. Follow the signs for Nynäsvägen. 

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik:
Train services information: +46 (0)8 600 10 00 

Public transport on Gotland

The public transport network on Gotland covers the entire island all year round. Download the Gotlands Kollektivtrafik app for information about timetables and tickets.

Gotlands Kollektivtrafik:
Tel: +46 (0)498 20 49 00