Freight & cargo

Special prices and terms apply for cargo and goods vehicles, such as unmanned cars. Trucks and goods vehicles can only be booked on departures with the ship types SF1650 and SF1500.

Cargo Vehicles

The following vehicles must be booked via our cargo booking department:

  • Heavy trucks* regardless of length.
  • Light trucks** over 9 m.
  • Tractors and agricultural implements.
  • Unaccompanied vehicles (without driver).
  • Vehicles that require loading assistance. 

*Trucks with a total weight above 3500kg.

**Trucks with a total weight below 3500kg.


The current shipping price (is subject to changes) is 281:25 SEK per meter incl. VAT. Loading and unloading charges may apply in some cases, such as for unaccompanied vehicles. The ticket price for the driver is charged separately.

The current price for shipping a car without a driver is 1901:50 SEK incl. VAT. Please note that the vehicle needs to be fully functional for driving.

Payment for cargo reservations

Payment needs to be made in advance. You can pay with credit/debit card on our website. Once you have booked, log in with your booking number and the phone number you entered when making the reservation. 

You can pay by credit/debit card at all our terminals. Cash payment in Visby can only be made at the cashier inside the passenger terminal building, not at the cargo terminal building. All other terminals are cash free. Please note that we charge a fee of 100 SEK for all payments made less than one hour before departure time.

If you want to pay through a bank transfer, please contact the cargo booking department for more information.

Please note

Before making contact with the cargo booking department:

  • We need information on the registration number of the vehicle, and prefer that this is given when making the reservation.
  • We need information on length and weight of vehicle when making the reservation. If you have the information we would also like to know the weight of cargo that will be loaded on the vehicle.
  • Two drivers per vehicle travel at a reduced price. Note that we need to know the name, surname and date of birth of all passengers on board (YYYY-MM-DD).

We only ship cargo that can be connected to a truck or terminal truck and cannot ship loose pallets, crates or similar. We also cannot ship two-wheeled vehicles, like motorcycles, unaccompanied.

Dangerous goods classified substances

Notify when making your booking reservation if dangerous goods are to be transported. On passenger ships there are restrictions concerning the transport of substances that are classified as dangerous goods (eg gas, explosives, flammable or corrosive liquids). Vehicles transporting dangerous goods or service vehicles carrying equipment for welding (gas cylinders) are not allowed on regular departures transporting passengers.

Dangerous goods can be transported on special departures and must be booked and transported in accordance with special regulations. Contact the cargo booking department for more information.

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