Travel Card

The Travel Card is designed for frequent travelers. It is a prepaid card with four different price levels.

Up to 40 % bonus

When you purchase the Travel Card, a balance of the card will be set, which will consist of the amount you pay plus the bonus that Destination Gotland will give you. The higher the level you choose, the more money you will get to travel for. The bonus will be obtained directly at the purchase of the card. When booking tickets, the sum will be deducted from the Travel Card balance according to the departure rates.

The Travel Card applies to both passengers and vehicles. An advantage of the Travel Card is that you can book up to nine passengers on the same booking. You can easily book through our website. There you will also get information about your current balance. You can of course also book by phone.


If you buy a Travel Card Level 2, you pay 10500 SEK. You and your family will have a balance of 14000 SEK to travel for during one year. Your bonus is 3500 SEK, which corresponds to 25%.

Travel Card Level 1

You pay 6 300 SEK
DG adds 700 SEK
You travel for 7 000 SEK
Your bonus 10 %

Travel Card Level 2

You pay 10 500 SEK
DG adds 3 500 SEK
You travel for 14 000 SEK
Your bonus 25 %

Travel Card Level 3

You pay 14 700 SEK
DG adds 6 300 SEK
You travel for 21 000 SEK
Your bonus 30 %

Travel Card Level 4

You pay 24 000 SEK
DG adds 16 000 SEK
You travel for 40 000 SEK
Your bonus 40 %

Card information

  • Several people living in the same household can be registered as card holders. Everyone will receive a personal card.
  • Can be used for passenger tickets, passenger vehicles, trailers or caravans and tickets for the Transfer bus (Nynäshamn-Sthlm City).
  • Can be used for co passengers (max 9 per booking). The cardholder must be booked, and show their Travel Card at the gate.
  • Valid for journeys during 1 year, starting when the first ticket is paid with the Travel Card.
  • Can be topped up during the validity period. The newly purchased balance is then combined with the current balance, and a new valiid through date is set.
  • Any remaining balance after 1 year will not be refunded.
  • Applies to both ticket options (Mini and Flexi).
  • Not applicable for Gotland residents or in combination with Discount Card.
  • Level 4 gives a 10% discount on purchases on board (not newspapers, tobacco, alcohol or phone cards).
  • Destination Gotland's Terms for Travel Card, and the general travel- and payment terms apply.
  • The card does not guarantee availability.

Order Travel Card

To order the Travel Card, print and fill out the form below. Once the card is ordered, you will receive a login ID for booking on the internet. If you have questions about the Travel Card, you are welcome to contact customer service on phone +46 (0)498-20 18 85 or email

Extend your Travel Card validity

If you wish to top up and extend your existing Travel Card please contact customer service on phone +46 (0)498-20 18 85 or email