Discount Card

If you travel by ferry to Gotland a few times a year, a Discount Card can be a good option for you. With the Discount Card you buy the ticket at a price that is 25 % lower than the regular price for the adults. You choose which services to be included on the card: Passenger and/or vehicle. The Discount Card for vehicles can be used by all in your household.

Prices Discount Card

  • 900 SEK for passenger
  • 1 800 SEK for vehicles (under 6 m)
  • 4 200 SEK for vehicles (6-9 m)

Card information

  • The card applies to all departures during 12 months.
  • You need to show your card and a valid proof of identity at the gate.
  • The Discount Card does not guarantee availability.
  • The Discount Card does not apply to Gotland residents or in combination with other discounts.
  • Payment of the Discount Card can be done via invoice or at any of our terminals.

Order Discount Card

To order the Discount Card, print out and fill out the form below. Once the card is ordered, you will receive a login ID for booking online. If you have questions about the Discount Card, you are welcome to contact Customer Service on phone +46 (0)498-20 18 85 or email