Car package prices

Certain departures offers Car Package rates, a cheap way to travel to Gotland for up to 5 people with vehicle.

The prices below refer to single trip for all routes and applies for online-bookings on our website. The prices are 70 SEK higher when booking over the phone. Limited number of tickets.

Car package prices

5 people + car/mobile home under 6 m

From SEK 895

5 people + car/mobile home 6-9 m

From: SEK 1 115

5 people + mobile home over 9 m

From: SEK 1 315

5 people + car under 6 m and caravan

From: SEK 1 355

The Car Package ticket can only be booked with the Mini ticket alternative (non-rebookable and non-refundable). See our travel and payment terms.

When booking online you will see the car package departures in the price calendar.