Prices and discounts

The prices vary depending upon season, route and departure time. The prices are 5 % higher when booking over the phone. If you choose a rebookable and refundable ticket, a flexibililty fee of 20 % will be added. The exact ticket price will be presented in the online booking system.

Seating alternatives

Economy seat
Seat in Economy lounge next to the food market.

Aft Lounge
Reclining seat in Aft Lounge

Front Lounge
Reclining seat in Front Lounge. Film show on monitors.

Pet Lounge
If you want to bring your pet onboard. Reclining seat (part of Front Lounge).

Day Cabin
Seat in cabin with window (4 seats). TV, WC, electric socket.

Common discounts

Discount for children and youth
The discount vary depending on the passenger's age

Discount for students
Students travel with discount. You need to show a student ID.

Discount for senior citizen
When 65 years old you travel with discount. Also if you have a Swedish letter of retirement. You need to show ID or letter of retirement.

Discount for groups
When 10 passengers or more are travelling in a group we offer a discount. Tickets are to be booked with our Group Travel dpt. Read more »

Discount for sport teams and athletes
Sport teams and athletes participating in a sport event on Gotland within the projekt "Idrottens Ö" travel with discount. Read more on: