Cards for discounted travel

If you travel often, there are three different cards that reduce the fees.

Travel Card – Up to 40 % bonus for your family

The Travel Card is a prepaid card with four different price levels giving 10-40% in bonus. If you travel with your family for more than 6300 SEK in one year, it is worth buying the Travel Card. 
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Commuter Card – Unlimited number of trips in 1 year

If you buy the Commuter Card, you will be entitled to unlimited travel on the ferry on any seating alternative for 12 months. You also get 10% off in the shop and restaurant onboard. 
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Discount Card – Discount on passenger and/or vehicle

With the Discount Card, the price for the ferry ticket is 25% lower than the regular price for an adult and passenger vehicles. On average, the Discount Card pays off at 7 return trips, depending on the travel pattern. 
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