Gotland on two wheels

Pedalling through the ever-changing landscape is a natural experience you won’t forget. If you go cycling along the coast you'll pass many cosy cafés, farm shops, artisans’ studios, flea markets, hidden little beaches and historical sites. The coastal route around the island is about 500 km. Here are some tips on the most picturesque parts of it.

1. Klintkusten – There are many fascinating sites along this stretch of the coast, including the Lummelunda Cave, Lickershamn and Ihreviken Bay.
2. Hallshuk – The small roads along the edge of the sea cliffs from Kappelshamn to the fishing village in Hallshuk offer fabulous views and rolling terrain.
3. Stenkusten – Along the stretch of the coast between Kappelshamn and Ar are kilometres of shingle beaches.
4. Fårö – The barren landscape, unique fields of sea stacks and the fabulous sandy beaches make this island a must-see.
5. North-eastern Gotland – The regions southeast of Fårösund have blossomed in recent years. Pedal your way free from exhaust fumes on the Bungenäs peninsula, stop for a snack at Rute Stenugnsbageri and then head on towards Lergrav and the Furillen peninsula.
6. Östergarnslandet – This widely varied landscape, with sea cliffs, moorlands, woodlands and sandy beaches, is a haven for artists and artisans. Stop off at their studios along the way.
7. Storsudret – You’ll find picturesque settings around Vamlingbo, Holmhällar and Hamra. The absolutely most beautiful stretch along Sudret is the little Kettelviksvägen road down towards Hoburgen.
8. Ekstakusten – From Hammarudd in the south to Djupvik in the north, this lovely stretch of shingle-strewn coastline and idyllic fishing villages overlooks the Karlsöarna islands.
9. Högklint – A nature reserve with one of Gotland’s highest heights offering a grand view of the sea and Visby.

Rent bicycles and book accommodation

In Visby you can rent a bicycle with additional equipment, such as a bike trailer, child seat, tent and portable stove. It’s easy to find great places to pitch your tent for the night, but remember to be aware of the Swedish right of public access. If you prefer a few more conveniences, there are campsites all around the island. And if you’d rather have a roof over your head and breakfast served in the morning, we have plenty of rural hotels, guesthouses and bed & breakfasts