Important information (in Swedish) about the new coronavirus covid-19, updated April 6, 2020. Read more here.

Important information (in Swedish) about the new coronavirus covid-19, updated April 6, 2020. Read more here.

Sport fishing on Gotland

The sun's rays are warm and the salty air is fresh. The crystal clear water is cool as you wade in. You feel a great sense of peace, but at the same time there’s a thrilling sense of anticipation buzzing around your body. Suddenly you feel a strong pull and the surface of the water arches up. You just have time to grasp your rod before you pull a glossy silver fish out of the water in a twisting cascade. With a pulse so high you can hear your own heartbeat, you finally land the trout.

World-class sea trout fishing

The fishing conditions are not just good on Gotland, they’re special. We have 800 kilometres of coastline, which is basically free to fish year-round, and the big attraction is our well-grown wild sea trout (havsöring). Our sea trout lure angling enthusiasts from all over the world to Gotland. What really distinguishes the trout around our island is that they’re a natural population, as opposed to the farmed fish in so many other places. These wild trout can be fished all year but conditions are best during spring, autumn and winter.

More than just sea trout

Although it’s our sea trout that attract most to try their luck on Gotland, there is much more on offer. Flounder, perch and herring are so plentiful you can catch them by bottom fishing, or legering, in Visby harbour (but please note that you can’t fish in the inner harbour). You can also fish pike, garfish and cod directly from the coast. There’s freshwater fishing on offer in the lakes at Tingstäde and Lojsta, as well as in the channel at Åminne, which is a great place for family fishing. A fishing license is obligatory for freshwater fishing but not for coastal waters, which only require the landowner's permission.

Fisch on Gotland

Guiding you to the fish

Even if you’re an experienced angler, you’ll get more out of your fishing trip in the company of a guide. Sea trout are all around the island, but they move with the wind, waves and currents and it’s important to know where the fish are on the day to improve your chances of a good catch. A guide has the necessary knowledge to determine where to take you on any given day and will drive with you to the best spots. Going by car is more flexible than by boat since wading along the coastline prevails on guided fishing trips. In addition to taking you to the best spots, your guide will also have invaluable knowledge of fishing strategy, tactics and techniques that you can take forward into future fishing ventures.