Important information (in Swedish) about the new coronavirus covid-19, updated March 29, 2020. Read more here.

Important information (in Swedish) about the new coronavirus covid-19, updated March 29, 2020. Read more here.

Surfing on the island

Whether you belong to the devoted crowd who know the special feeling of freedom that only a surfboard can give or you’re a curious newcomer tempted by the excitement of surfing, Gotland is for you. Whichever way the wind blows around the island, it’s always in the right direction, which makes Gotland a truly unique surf spot in Sweden.

Kitesurfing has grown rapidly on Gotland in recent years, alongside a steady growth in both wind and wave surfing, as part of a strong surfing trend. Whatever type of surf you choose, you'll find the right conditions here on the island. The season runs mainly over the spring and autumn, which makes it easier for surfers to find accommodation in a variety of price ranges. Whether you prefer to stay near the sea, in the countryside or in Visby with access to restaurants and nightlife, there’s something for you.

Kitesurfing, as the name suggests, involves using a kite for momentum as you skim the sea on your board. There are several coves around the island that are perfect for kitesurfers, where the water is flat on one side while the wind is steady. Kovik, 30 kilometres south of Visby, is one of many great flat-water spots.

Windsurfing also uses the wind to gain speed on a board with a solid sails. There are many fine flat-water windsurf bays on Gotland, right next to headlands with nice clean waves. Whatever level you’re at, you’ll always find a place to suit you. Skalasand on Fårö is a classic spot for perfect wind and waves.

Wave surfing is just you, a surfboard and high waves. When you catch a wave, its angle and gravity propel you forward. Autumn is high season for wave surfing on Gotland, when the winds are strong enough to create high, long waves.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a quieter alternative to wind-dependant surf options, simply using a long board and paddle to move around. SUP is easy to learn and provides a great workout for the whole body, exercising your balance and coordination. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the sea, regardless of age.
Surfer on Gotland
Surf Courses
If you haven’t tried surfing yet, take a course here on Gotland. Surfing is physically demanding, so be prepared for some aches and pains unless you’re already very fit! On a kitesurfing course, you’ll learn the basics on first day and you’ll have a good chance of getting by on your own after a couple of days, but remember you must also learn to take advantage of the power of the wind and waves. You’re out there on nature's terms and venturing out on your own requires great caution. There are some dangerous underwater currents around the island and the strong winds can take you far, very quickly. Please contact our local surf centres for information on conditions before you set out.

When you pass your surf course you’ll be one step closer to experiencing the unique feeling of peace and exhilaration that comes with surfing - the ‘surf stoke’ that surfers talk about.