Art and design on Gotland

Gotland has a long history of attracting artists and artisans. Perhaps it’s the unique nature and special light that encourages so many people to settle down and open their studios here. Take an art tour around the island and you’ll see the huge range of crafts and incredible creative spirit here on Gotland.

The island's artists

Clay, concrete, stone, glass, wool, leather and textiles are just some of the local materials that the island's craftsmen and designers work with. Many have a shop adjacent to their workshop or studio, often on a farm they also call home. Look out for their signs as you drive around Gotland’s winding roads and make sure you take the time to stop. Many studios are open year-round, as long as you let the artist know that you’re visiting in advance.

Open Studios - 14 to 17 May

Open Studios is a must for art lovers. From the 14th to the 17th of May a variety of craftspeople and designers will open their doors for special visits and sales. With 88 exhibitors, Open Studios is one of Sweden's largest art tour exhibitions. Some of the artists will also demonstrate their craft during the weekend and even offer the opportunity to try it out for yourself.

Gotland’s artists at the Art Museum - 25 April to 24 May

The Art Museum in Visby is holding a special presentation exhibition between the 25th of April and the 24th of May for all the artists taking part in Open Studios to showcase their works. As well as seeing their work, you’ll find information about the artists themselves and directions to their studios so you can draw up a plan for your art tour.

Learn more about Open Studios and Gotland’s artists on their website