Reach new heights

With so many beautiful limestone cliffs, Gotland is a unique place to climb. Whether you're a beginner or a practised climber, there’s always something new to experience. Try climbing at Högklint (high cliff – the name says it all!) or abseiling down over the sea.

New to climbing?

Climbing will challenge you in several ways. In addition to the obvious physical test, your motor and interpersonal skills will get a great workout as you have to build trust and communicate well with your climbing partner. Beginners, or those who are just curious about climbing, can book a course at Högklint, just south of Visby. The cliff conditions are perfect for the beginner and more experienced climbers will also find their perfect climb on one of the many trails, all with varying levels of difficulty.

Climbing courses

There are several operators offering courses for those who want to try climbing. Or why not try abseiling? Hang free and take in the views as you ease yourself down 50 meters towards the sea. Courses will supply everything you need: harness, helmet, shoes, rope etc.

Challenge yourself

For the experienced climber, bouldering, low altitude climbing without ropes, could provide a unique new experience. There is a protective mat, just in case you lose traction, but it’s a real challenge that requires strength, technique and concentration.