Sannas Visby

Name: Sanna Lennartsdotter Dackmo Age: 30 years Family: Single. Mum Pia and Dad Lennart, brother Pontus and dog Rolex. Do: Runs the family company Wisby Ur & Guld, Jewellery designer, DJ, Board member of Företagarna Gotland, etc. Lives: Apartment on Adelsgatan in the centre of Visby, with a view over rooftops and the sea.

Her love of Gotland was always there. Nonetheless, Sanna decided to go abroad directly after graduation to gain experience and fulfil her dream of working in fashion and design. After stints in Austria and Spain, it was time for New York, where she got her degree and worked side-by-side with jewellery queen Efva Attling and eventually even with renowned Swedish clothing designer Johan Lindeberg.

In retrospect, she sees that her years abroad were a lot about finding herself. When Sanna returned home to Gotland at the age of 28, she was close to depleted of all energy.
–  Then, I was in great need of more time, just as now, she explains.
– Here in Visby, there is no daily commute, no waiting. I have more time for family, friends, and not least, myself and my well-being, Sanna continues.

She now works as a jewellery designer and runs the family business Wisby Ur & Guld and e-commerce site She also does a lot on the side, from board work to DJing. 

– You have every possibility to create things, it’s a haven for creative people Gotland is full of motivated small business owners, all of whom are happy to share their knowledge and experiences.

Sanna mentions how she created her own dream situation in Visby, both private and career-wise. 
– It’s so luxurious to wake up with the sea outside your window, she explains. And to be able to go to really nice restaurants that are open year round. In little Visby, in little ol’ Gotland..

Café H10 in Visby

Sanna’s guide for visitors in Visby:

– I live and work on Adelsgatan, and in my time off I hang out with friends, most of whom also live in the city. Visby has it all; world-class food, a quick tempo in the summer, tranquillity in the off-season, historical buildings, the City Wall, close proximity to the sea, beautiful nature and a very particular lighting. "Here are some of my favourites:


A mini mall with modern and classic shopping, featuring international and Gotland designers. Bar & café, perfect for breakfast, meetings and lunch. Also has great vegan alternatives! Hästgatan 10, in the middle of the city.


Definitely my favourite restaurant in town (and I’m not alone). I’m here so often, it’s almost like a second living room. Perfect place for dinner or to hang out! Södra kyrkogatan in Visby.


Another one of my favourites. The herring dish is a must, and take the opportunity to ask the operations manager/sommelier Frida for advice on what to drink! On a warm summers eve, the outdoor seating in the courtyard is one of the best places in Visby. Strandgatan in Visby.


Strandpromenaden is fabulous year round! Goes from the harbour all the way to Snäck. Here, you can walk as the sun sets, or during an autumn storm, when the wind threatens to tip you over. So cool! You’ll also find Sweden’s nicest outdoor gym along the way.


Difficult not to list Adelsgatan as one of my favourites since I live and work here. But it really is a fantastic place, with beautiful buildings, cosy shops and a cool history! Start your day with coffee at Brödboden, genuine and cosy and always freshly baked goods.


I support local producers as much as I can. At GKF, many of Gotland’s craftsmen are represented and you will find everything from glass and porcelain to wool and clothing. Don't miss two of my favourites: Jennie Olofsson, who runs the glass studio Big Pink, and designer Elena Berg Österdahl. Nice shop on Wallers plats.