Gotland Promotion AB, 556496-2214, Box 1234, SE-621 23 Visby (“GPAB”) is a subsidiary of Destination Gotland AB, 556038-2214, Box 1324, SE-621 23 Visby (”DGAB”). GPAB handles ferry traffic which is run by DGAB. GPAB also supplies other travel services such as car hire and events tickets.

These general conditions regulate the contractual relationship between GPAB and You who book a ferry or other travel services through GPAB.

By making a booking with us, You accept these general conditions both for Yourself and for all other persons on whose behalf You have made a booking, and You thereby confirm that You have received the necessary authorisation from these persons to do this on their behalf.


At what point is my booking binding?
A booking becomes binding both for GPAB and for You as soon as GPAB has confirmed the booking and You have paid the agreed deposit (or the entire amount of the booking) within the agreed time period.

Deposits and Final Payment

  • Reservations booked more than 28 days prior to arrival require a down payment of 10% of the price of the booking, to be paid immediately to GPAB on booking, unless otherwise stipulated at the time of booking. Other costs, such as cancellation fees, invoicing and service charge will be added to the deposit.
  • For reservations booked earlier than 28 days prior to arrival, the final payment must be received by GPAB 28 days prior to arrival.
  • For reservations booked later than 28 days prior to arrival, the final payment must be received by GPAB immediately.

GPAB must receive payment no later than the date on the confirmation. You will be sent an e-mail requesting final payment well in advance of the due date. For reservations booked later than 28 days prior to arrival, the entire amount must be settled immediately.

Cancellation Insurance

Can only be taken out at the time of booking. Cancellation insurance applies to all persons named in the booking. Claims for cancellation insurance must be substantiated by a doctor’s certificate. If the customer chooses to lodge a claim for cancellation insurance, then the cancellation will apply to all the persons on the booking. There will be no partial refund if other persons choose to fulfill the journey.

SEK 295 per booking

What happens if I do not pay on time?
GPAB will not send a reminder of an unpaid deposit. The booking will be cancelled if the deposit has not reached GPAB by the date stipulated in the confirmation. If You have paid the deposit, ONE reminder of the remaining amount will be sent. The reservation will be cancelled if GPAB has not received the final amount by the date on the reminder. Failure to pay on time will be considered a cancellation, whereby cancellation regulations will apply.

Deposit, interest on overdue payments
We require a deposit of SEK 150 on reservations booked through the call centre, 0771-223350. No deposit is charged for internet bookings.

Reservations may be cancelled if payment of a deposit is overdue. Payment made later than the stipulated date of payment will incur statutory interest on the payment and a reminder fee.

Invoice charge
A surcharge of SEK 75 will be added to payment by invoice. No surcharge will be added to e-mail invoices. Invoices are only applicable in connection with bookings via a call-centre.

Passenger tickets
Alterations and cancellations of passenger tickets should be addressed directly to GPAB, 0771-22 33 50. In addition, GPAB abides by the terms and conditions of the carrier company in question. A passenger ticket in a package reservation with the shipping line Destination Gotland is rebookable up to 28 days prior to departure.

Force Majeure
In cases where the journey cannot be undertaken due to hindrances beyond the control of the organiser, which the organiser could not reasonably be expected to have anticipated when the contract was undertaken, and whose results the organiser could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, the organiser is free from liability for damages or other legal rulings. The same applies if the cancellation of the journey is caused by someone the organiser has enlisted or by someone else at an earlier stage.

We assume no liability for legislative and price changes that are beyond our control.

What applies if I wish to cancel?
You may cancel by calling or writing to GPAB’s call centre, 0771-223350, or by email to Note that Your cancellation is not valid until You have received written confirmation from GPAB. Other possible means of cancellation can be seen in the Special Conditions below. N.B. An altered arrival or departure date is considered a cancellation, whereby cancellation terms apply.

What applies if I wish to make an alteration?
Which partial alterations of a reservation can be made and at what cost are stipulated in the Special Conditions below. N.B. Changing the arrival or departure date is considered a cancellation, whereby cancellation terms apply.

What if something happens to me?
You can take out cancellation insurance to avoid cancellation fees. For prices, see Special Conditions. With cancellation insurance You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to departure without paying any other fee than the administration charge of 5% on the price of the booking; however, a maximum of SEK 200 will be charged if the following occurs (for later cancellations the full fee is payable).

Cancellation insurance applies in the following cases:

  • Death, illness or accident of a serious nature, which has affected You Yourself, Your spouse, partner, Your or Your spouse/partner’s parents, Your children, siblings or fellow traveller.
  • Call up to military service, or civil defence.
  • Some serious occurrence beyond Your control, such as a major fire or flood at Your place of residence, which results in it not being possible for You to retain Your booking. You must then substantiate this impediment with a certificate from a doctor, the authorities or an insurance company. Certificates submitted later than 7 days following the date of cancellation will not be taken into consideration.

Fees for cancellation insurance, booking alterations and the deposit will not be reimbursed.


We will register any personal data You submit to us in connection with Your booking. All registered personal data will be processed according to current data protection regulations. Please contact us for information on Your personal data stored by us. Your data will not be stored longer than necessary. By paying, You agree to allow GPAB to manage Your personal data. The purpose of this is to enable the customary guest administration, to ensure that GPAB has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident, to fulfil the terms of the cancellation guarantee and to administer and handle any damage incurred. The data may also be used to inform You about insurance and payment services and travel-related affairs. The guest may also be contacted for market surveys.


  1. Arranging Accommodation

Minimum age for bookings
The minimum age for booking accommodation through us is 18 years. For accommodation of larger groups, at least two people must be no younger than 18 years, unless a higher age limit is specified in the accommodation information. ID must be presented on arrival. The minimum age is a requirement for access to the accommodation.

Cancellation costs (does not apply to private cottages, houses, flats or farm cottages)
When cancellation insurance has not been taken out or does not apply, the following costs will be incurred on a scale related to the period of notice:

28 days or more prior to arrival: 10% of the booking price (deposit)

27-12 days prior to arrival: 25% of the booking price

11-2 days prior to arrival: 50%

1-0 days prior to arrival: 100%

If the rental object is rented out again, You may be reimbursed for these nights, subject to an administration fee of SEK 395.

Charges for cancellation insurance, alterations, invoicing and booking fees are non-refundable.

Cancellation costs for private cottages, houses, flats or farm cottages

29 days or more prior to arrival: 10% of the booking price (deposit)

28-0 days prior to arrival: 100%

Charges for cancellation insurance, alterations, invoicing and booking fees are non-refundable.

Cancellation fees for booked rooms (hotel, hostel, guest house, bed & breakfast)

Cancellation of a room reservation, such as a hotel room which is not included in a package deal, must be made no later than 17.00 on the eve of arrival for a full refund. No refund will be granted for cancellations made later than 17.00 on the eve of arrival.

Cancellation fees for promotional offers
Note that specific alteration and cancellation terms may apply to certain prices and offers. Please check the pricing information carefully before completing Your reservation. You will find more information about alteration and cancellation terms on Your received confirmation of booking.

Alteration costs
SEK 150 per booking and occasion.

N.B. An altered arrival or departure date is considered a cancellation. Additional costs for making changes in the passenger ticket may be incurred over and above this fee.

Refundable Damage Deposits
Owners of some private units require a damage deposit. You will pay this deposit to the owner on site on arrival. The voucher You receive for Your booked unit states whether or not a deposit is required.

What happens if something goes wrong?
If all or part of Your booking cannot be fulfilled as stipulated in the booking confirmation, and if alternative arrangements where deviations from the booking are so small that they are of insignificance to You, e.g. a hotel or cottage in the same class, are not available, then You have the right to cancel. You will be fully reimbursed, with a deduction for the value of any parts of the booking You have already utilised. In the event of a complaint, please inform us within 3 days of Your arrival date. Faults occurring during Your stay should be reported immediately. This should be addressed in the first instance to the hotel or cottage proprietor. If You have neglected to seek redress during the period of rental, and therefore not given the hotel/proprietor the opportunity of correcting any deficiencies, then You cannot retrospectively demand compensation. If, nevertheless, You are not satisfied with the compensation/reimbursement, You should communicate this in writing no later than 60 days after departure.

What happens if You and the hotel/proprietor cannot reach an agreement?
Address any complaints directly to us. If we fail to reach an agreement, You can turn to the National Board for Consumer Complaints or to a court of law.

 As the agent for accommodation, we make sure that:

  • You receive written confirmation of Your booking.
  • You receive documents and other details in good time.
  • You are updated on all essential changes affecting Your booking.
  • You have access to the cottage/flat from the time stated on Your booking confirmation.
  • If You are dissatisfied with all or parts of the booking, then You should approach us.

We always strive to ensure that the descriptions and images of the facilities are correct and up-to-date. However, we cannot guarantee this in all cases, since the hotels/proprietors are personally responsible for the product descriptions and images, as well as prices and availability. GPAB cannot be held responsible for any incorrect, misleading, false or missing product information.

We take no responsibility for any promises made to You directly by the hotel/proprietor or their representatives without our knowledge and which we are unaware of. (If You agree to anything not covered by our agreement, ensure that You receive this in writing, signed by the hotel/proprietor or their representative.

What are Your responsibilities?

  • You are responsible for checking Your booking confirmation as soon as You receive it. Any mistakes must be pointed out immediately. Any commitments on the part of booking staff that are of vital importance to You should be noted down in the travel documents for reference.
  • You must comply with the regulations, instructions and provisions that apply to the cottage/flat, means of transport, etc. Note: Most rental units are private homes. You are personally responsible for any damage occurring to the property and its inventory as a result of carelessness on Your part or that of a member of Your party. You may not use the cottage/flat for anything other than what was agreed in the booking (usually recreation) and You must not allow more people to spend the night in the cottage/flat or in the grounds than You stated in the booking. All persons should be listed at the time of booking – we assume that a maximum of one child under 2 years of age will require a rented bed, unless stated otherwise.
  • If complaints of annoying behaviour are reported to the proprietor he has the right to immediately evict the tenant if there is no improvement immediately after their being told of this. The same rules apply where more people are staying than the number allowed for the property. You as the guests are responsible for reimbursing the landlord for any costs incurred as a result of the above. You can only be refunded for the remaining nights if the landlord is able to rent out the facility to another guest.
  • If You have any complaints about the property, You should in the first instance contact the proprietor, so that any unclear points can be clarified during Your stay.
  • At the time of booking, You should state whether You suffer from any type of allergy, so that we as agents are in a position to be able to find the right property for You. N.B. If domestic pets/smoking are not allowed, this will be stated in the description of the property. We cannot guarantee that the object has been free of pets and smoking shortly before Your arrival.
  • You must clean the property before departure unless another agreement has been reached. If no cleaning has been done, a cost of at least SEK 1,000 will be charged.
  • We are not liable for legislative or price changes that are outside our control.


Current check-in and check-out times are specified in the confirmation. Unless specified in the confirmation, the price of accommodation does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels, baby’s cot/high chair, toilet paper, etc. Remember to bring what You need for Your visit!

  1. Provision of event tickets

Cancellation of event tickets
Event tickets cannot be altered or cancelled. There will be no reimbursement for unused tickets.

Concerts and other events
GPAB acts as a ticket agent on behalf of the responsible arena/arranger, and is purely an agent. All queries or claims relating to events and their effectuation should be directed to the arena/organiser.

Cancelled events
The customer takes full responsibility for checking that the event is not cancelled or postponed. Should an event be cancelled or postponed, the customer must immediately contact the responsible arena/organiser. It is the arena/organiser who must deal with questions such as a refund on tickets.

  1. Travel by ferry

Mini, Flexi and Flexiplus are three ticket options with different terms. You can choose different ticket options for the outbound and return journeys. You cannot switch to a different ticket option once Your booking is complete.

Mini ticket and Car-package ticket

Mini tickets are not rebookable and not refundable.
Booking terms: The ticket is not rebookable or refundable. Additional bookings and passenger name changes are permitted. Cancellation of extra services, such as transfer bus tickets, no later than one hour prior to departure, will be fully reimbursed minus an administrative fee of SEK 50, provided the refund is applied for within 90 days following the original departure date.

Terms of payment: Payment for the ticket must be made immediately. Any ticket that has not been paid for on time will automatically be cancelled. Tickets can be bought on approval with a 24-hour time limit.

Flexi ticket

The Flexi ticket is rebookable and refundable. You pay a special surcharge for the flexibility, as specified at the time of reservation.

Booking terms: The ticket is rebookable up to one hour prior to departure, and is refundable on cancellation no later than one hour prior to departure. Tickets can be rebooked to another departure which is available at the time of rebooking.

Rebooking to a more expensive alternative will incur a cost for the difference (as well as the Flexi surcharge).

Rebooking to a cheaper alternative will entitle You  to a refund for the difference (excluding the Flexi surcharge, calculated on the highest value of the ticket), provided the application for the refund is made within 90 days following the new departure date.

The booking will contain a separate statement of the surcharge for flexibility calculated on the new booking charge. The difference between the previous surcharge for flexibility and the new surcharge for flexibility is non-refundable. Cancellation of the whole or parts of the ticket is refundable (excluding the Flexi surcharge, calculated on the highest value of the ticket), provided the application for the refund is made within 90 days following the original departure date. Tickets that are not altered or cancelled in time cannot be used at a later time or refunded.

Terms of payment: Payment must reach us no later than 28 days prior to the departure date. Bookings made later than 28 days prior to departure must be paid for immediately.

Refund due to sickness

If You have to cancel Your trip due to sickness and cancel Your ticket no later than one hour prior to departure, You will be refunded on presentation of a doctor’s certificate, irrespective of Your choice of ticket. The full cost of the ticket, including surcharge for flex or flexiplus ticket will be refunded in full subjected to a SEK 50 service charge.

Check-in opens 1½ hours prior to departure. When You pass the check-in desk, show Your travel ticket, any discount card and/or identification.

Check-in closes 20 minutes prior to departure. Groups must be at the terminal no later than one hour prior to departure.

If You do not keep to these deadlines, Your seat will be regarded as cancelled and may be transferred to another traveller.

If You do not intend to use Your booked journey, please cancel Your ticket as soon as possible at our booking centre, 0771-22 33 50 (automated menu).

Personal data when booking
According to the Swedish Maritime Administration, the shipping line’s passenger lists must include name, date of birth, nationality and any functional diversity. This applies to all passengers.

Interruptions to sailings and services
Divergences from the sailing schedule may arise in connection with military transport, technical breakdowns, delays or diversion due to adverse weather and tidal conditions or other circumstances beyond the control of the shipping line. The shipping line is not liable for damages or other consequences which this may give rise to. Offers of rebooking to other ships may be made without a service charge.

Disclaimer of liability
We reserve the right to make changes in times, prices, payment and discount terms during the validity period of the sailing schedule.

Special conditions

For carriage by ferry, Destination Gotland’s comprehensive carriage regulations will be applicable.