Important information concerning your journey. Welcome a board!


Check-in opens about 1.5 hours before departure. Please show up in good time to avoid a queue. Check-in closes 15 minutes before departure.

At check-in, show your travel documents or give us your booking number, to receive your seat reservation with the number of your seat/cabin (if you have chosen a reclining seat or a day-cabin as seating alternative). You may need to show your seat ticket during the trip.

The terminal area beyond the check-in is protected under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS). Searching of baggage and clothing may occur.

Travelling by car?

The car alarm may get activated by vibrations in the ship, and such sounds are extremely unpleasant for animals on car deck. Please turn off your car alarm when parking on board. If you don't know how to turn off the alarm, please consult your instruction manual.
Thank you!


When you are travelling without a vehicle, please check in your baggage at the terminal. Checked baggage must be fully closed, max 25 kg per unit. Carry-ons are permitted in the passenger areas (max height 40 cm, length 50 cm, width 30 cm).

Pets/Animals on board

Your pet can stay in your vehicle during the trip. Possibility to visit one time during the crossing. Always indicate at check-in if you are bringing a pet. If you want to take your pet into the passenger areas, the following rules apply:
• SF 1500: Dogs and cats are allowed in the Pet Lounge (part of the Front Lounge). Limited seating that are to be booked.
• SF 700: Dogs and cats are allowed in the Pet Area. Limited seating that are to be booked.

Motorcycles on board

There are suitable spaces for motorcycles on the car deck. Straps are available, hanging on the wall in front of each motorcycle space. You can also bring your own straps to be sure they are suitable for your motorcycle. The motorcycle should always be secured, regardless the weather condition.

Prams/baby strollers on board

SF1500 (the larger ferries): Prams/baby strollers are allowed in passenger areas on board.
SF700 (the smaller ferries): Prams/baby strollers are not allowed next to the reclining seats due to safety reasons. The crew will show you where to park the pram during the crossing.

Travellers with allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you can contact us for information on the on board environment; for example, the best seating for you.

Physically disabled passengers

Please notify us at check-in if you need special assistance in boarding. Terminal hosts are available to help you. If you are physically disabled and come by car, you can request a parking space close to a lift on-board. The ferries have day-cabins (limited number) and toilets for the disabled. Do not hesitate to ask the staff for help. Always notify us at booking if you are disabled.


LPG (liquid gas) may only be carried in vehicles that are approved for that purpose.The main gas supply valve must be turned off while on board and the tank must be easily accessible. The door to the tank space must be unlocked and marked with the warning label supplied at the check-in booth. This applies as long as the vehicle is on board. You may need to remove antennas.

Children travelling alone

Children under 13 cannot travel alone; they must be accompanied by someone aged at least 15.

Changes may occur

Changes may occur in route lists, prices and payment/discount terms during the validity of the timetable.