Discover more of Gotland! Book a rental car, bicycle, moped, motorcycle or ATV.

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Car hire

We offer a selection of new and used cars in a variety of sizes and classes. Maybe you'd like a convertible for warm summer days. Or perhaps you demand an environmental car. Look for the combination that suits you!

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Rent a bicycle for any number of days – for a day trip or a whole bicycle holiday. Number of gears and types of accessories are your choice. Children's bicycles also available. Or how about a classic tandem! Add on a bike trailer and tent if you want!

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A moped is a great way to experience the freedom of two wheels without all the strain of pedalling. Glide through the Gotland countryside on fabulous excursions. Swedish mopeds come in two horsepowers, class 1 (max 45 kph) and class 2 (max 25 kph).

Book online Motorcycles and ATVs

Motorcycles and ATVs

A wide range of motorcycles of various classes – light, medium, all-around, off-road, custom bike, low rider, sports touring and more. If you don't have a motorcycle licence, but would like to try terrain driving, rent an ATV instead.