See Gotland up close on two wheels
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See Gotland up close on two wheels

Discover Gotland by bicycle. Let all the impressions of the road soak in: sights, sounds and scents. Pedal along narrow country roads, drinking in the details of the unique countryside. Enjoy the glorious flora along the roads, smell the briny sea, the sweet fields of rapeseed and the heady scent of pine and spruce.

The small roads along the coastline are some of the island’s most beautiful. There are all sorts of lovely places to stop off: Cosy summer cafés, farm shops, artisans’ studios, flea markets, fabulous swimming holes and many sights. Following the shoreline around the whole island is a stretch of about 500 km. Here are some tips on the prettiest roads.

Ekstakusten – Head towards Sandhamn and bicycle along the lovely coast, passing the Djupvik fishing village overlooking the Karlsö islands.

Högklint – Just south of Visby is a nature reserve on the Högklint cliff. The view from the top of the cliff will take your breath away.

Klintkusten – There’s a lot to see along the coastal road north of Visby: the Själsö fishing village, Muramaris House, the Krusmyntagården herb garden, the Lummelundagrottan cave, the Lickershamn shore and Ihreviken Bay are just a few of the nearby detours from Road 149.

Hallshuk – The road to and from the fishing village of Hallshuk is beautifully scenic. You pedal through the woods in the national park and the uneven terrain along the edge of the cliff.

Stenkusten – This ‘rocky coast’ between Kappelshamn and Ar consists of kilometre after kilometre of glacial rubble fields. Don’t miss the former limestone quarry, the ‘Blue Lagoon’ in Ar.

Fårö Island – All of Gotland is unique, but Fårö is extra special. The barren landscape, unique fields of sea stacks and the fabulous sandy beaches make this island a must-see.

Valleviken – There’s a lot to see, do and taste all around the community of Valleviken. Go from Rute down to the harbour at Lergrav, and from there to the Furillen peninsula. The turnoff to Valleviken is along the way, and you might choose to continue on to the limestone quarries in Kyllaj and St Olofsholm.

Östergarnslandet – The day starts here with the sun rising out of the sea. Visit Herrvik and Katthammarsvik. If you want, you can take the adventurous route between them over Grogarnsberget cliff.

Storsudret – You’ll find picturesque settings around Vamlingbo, Hoburgen, Holmhällar and Hamra. The absolutely most beautiful stretch along Sudret is the little Kettelviksvägen road down towards Hoburgen.

In Visby you can rent a bicycle with additional equipment, such as a bicycle trailer, child seat, tent, portable stove, etc. It’s easy to find great places to pitch your tent for the night. If you prefer a few more conveniences, there are campsites all around the island. And if you’d rather have a roof over your head and breakfast served, we have plenty of rural hotels and bed & breakfasts.