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Creative craftsmanship

Wherever you are on Gotland, you can’t miss the amazing range of high-quality crafts, art and design. Probably not because Gotlanders are born with a more creative gene than others, but because Gotland is a place that fires creativity with its ever-present seashore, unique countryside and special light. And probably also because the environment is genuine and down-to-earth. Gotland inspires a natural energy and love of life that inspires creative energy, and that brings many creative people here. Because of this, our offering of art and design products is steadily growing.

Clay, concrete, stone, glass, wool, leather and textile are all common materials that our artisans and designers work with. Barbed wire and bee’s wax are some of the less common materials. Many of our artisans have a shop alongside their studios on the farm where they live. Keep an eye out for their signs when you drive along the Gotland roads, and take the time to stop. Potters are the most common artisans you’ll find.

In May, the Öppna Ateljéer (Open Studios) event is a unique opportunity to visit the island’s artists. They open their studios to all visitors who drop in. If you find something you want to buy, you’ll gain even more than a wonderful product, because you’ve actually met the artist and seen the place where it was created.

Many shops in Visby sell artistic and designer products. Some of them are on St Hansgatan Street, including Akantus and Yllet. The Art Museum, Konstmuseet, is also on this street. One street over, at Hästgatan 10, lies G.A.D., which features wooden furniture, both clean-lined and elegantly carved. They also sell selected Gotlandish utility items and artistic products. If you continue down the hill to the harbour, you will soon reach Kvinnofolki on Donners Plats, where ten female artisans exhibit and sell their wares.